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Zip Line smoked by a Windows Phone

Wanna know how fast a WP7 handset is??

While Ben the PC Guy was busy smoking the competition at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show with his Windows Phone, Jimmy Lee over at Nokia Innovation was tackling a challenge of his own.

The challenge was to take a photo, upload it to Facebook and tag a friend with a Nokia Lumia 710. Simple task, right? Toss in that you have to do all this while riding a zip line down a mountain and finish the tasks before you reach the bottom and it gets interesting. The tasks were completed with time to spare.

The challenge not only demonstrates the speed of Windows Phone and the Lumia but also the ease in which you can accomplish tasks. I guess if you ever find yourself racing down a mountain on a zip line, you know you have plenty of time to snap a few shots and post them to Facebook.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, ballroomdru, for the tip!

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O2 Nokia Lumia 710 only £199.99 on Pay & Go

Another nextgen phone from the new Nokia/Windows Phone 7 Royal family!
Go check it out!

Nokia Lumia 710

Windows 7.5 Operating System

3.7″ touchscreen with swappable covers

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn updates in one live stream

Free turn by turn voice guided navigation

The Nokia Lumia 710 is seamless in design. It has a curved 3.7″ AMOLED ClearBlack glass touchscreen display seamlessly integrated into a smooth one-piece body. Get instant Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™, email and Chat updates in one stream. Plus, experience super fast browsing with Internet Explorer 9, Bing and Wi-Fi. The camera is 5 megapixels, Auto Focus with 2x LED Flash and HD Video. And get free turn by turn navigation with Nokia Drive.

Free to £79.99 on Pay Monthly

£199.99 on Pay & Go

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Free App for 36 Hours – Nextgen Reader – A Google Reader Client for windows phone

Nextgen Reader is one of my favourite apps and is always on my homescreen! So if you are a Google Reader fan this is the app to have (trust me, i have tried every one of them in the Marketplace at some point or another!)

Plus for the next 36 hours  Nextsoft and WP Central are running a great promo to get the full version for free!!
Head to http://www.wpcentral.com/wpcentral-contest-nextgen-reader and follow the instructions

Clean, beautiful & simple design, inspired from Windows Phone Outlook application. Nextgen Reader is the fastest Google Reader client for windows phone with powerful features:

Free trial with no ads/limitations.

Support for multiple live tiles.

Full offline mode with image caching.

Select multiple items just like email app.

Share to Facebook, Twitter & Windows Live.

Read full or mobilized articles easily.

Send to InstaPaper, Read It Later.

Support for YouTube videos.

And many more.

Web MarketPlace

Nextgen Reader

Main Features


Clean, beautiful & simple design just like Windows Phone Metro UI.


Pin your favorite feeds/folders to home screen and see unread count & recent articles on the glance.


Post article on Twitter, Facebook & Windows Live or send to InstaPaper & Read It Later.


Offline mode, Completely secure (uses https), YouTube support, Url shortner & custom themes.

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Nokia Lumia a King is Born

Nokia has published a number of photos in an album on their Facebook account. The album (“Nokia Lumia Production”) allows the viewer to see how the Lumia family of Windows Phones are produced before heading out to owners across the world. Source: Nokia’s Facebook via Nokia Lumia Windows Phone production in photos | wpcentral | […]

JotPad and JotPad Pro for Windows Phone 7

I am always without a notepad and pen so to have a little app pinned to my start screen would be uber handy so read on to see how you can also make your life jotpad-tastic.

via JotPad and JotPad Pro for Windows Phone 7 | WMPoweruser.

Hi there, I’m writing this article to let you know about my apps, the JotPad and JotPad Pro. Unless noted otherwise this article applies to both version of the app.

The premise behind this apps is the following:

Have you ever need a pen and paper to help illustrate your ideas during a conversation but couldn’t find any? Someone is asking you for directions and you really want to do a sketch to help the explanation? Do you want to doodle on a picture of your friend just for fun?

Look no further, the JotPad app is what you need, use it to jot down anything you want!

That’s what this apps are about, the ability of using your phone as pen and paper every time you need it. That said let me explain what you can do with them.

When you first start the app you see nothing more than a white screen and application bar in the bottom, tapping it will reveal the usual menu all apps have. The application bar has three icons, from left to right you have the Draw lines, Pen style and Erase lines buttons as shown in the image. When you tap either the draw or erase lines buttons the become selected and display a ball in the icon as shown in the image, then using your finger you can easily draw or erase lines. The middle button will popup a small windows that allows you to choose what kind of pen you want to use, there’s 4 for you to choose: the regular back pen, the felt pen, the marker and the highlighter. One last way to erase all lines is using the shake to clear gesture, shake the phone, lines are gone, simples.

Another big feature is the multi touch zoom, using the pinch gesture you can scale, move and rotate the page of your drawing. This is quite handy, not only you can zoom in to draw in tight areas or do small details, but you can also zoom out to access a drawing area with four times the resolution of the screen.

Moving on, we are now going to check the settings. In the first page you have some options controlling the shake to clear and Live Tile support, you also have the Live ID sign in button, by signing in you will be able to upload your doodle straight onto your SkyDrive. On the page background settings you have quite a few settings. You have three main options for the background of your doodles, you can either use a solid colors, images or video.

You have a wide variety of solid colors to choose from and it’s pretty straight forward. The image background is a bit different, you have 3 built-in images you can use or you can choose any image from the Pictures Hub as the background of your page. That means you can use any photos taken or synced with your phone or any photos you have on your Facebook or SkyDrive albuns as background. If that’s not enough you can take a new photo straight from the photo chooser.

Now we are going to talk about the draw over live video feature. This is only available in the Pro version of the app, and it allows you to draw directly over the video captured by your phone’s camera. No need to take a picture and then draw over it, you’ll simply draw over the live video. If you need to focus the camera, you can half press the shutter button just like the regular camera app, and if you want to save the picture just fully press the shutter button, the phone will vibrate and capture them image you’re seeing right along with all the lines you’ve drawn.

Speaking of saving, I’m now going to write about the the saving options. You can save your doodle either locally on your phone, or remotely in the SkyDrive. If you save it locally, you can then share it with anyone using the standard Windows Phone sharing options including Facebook and Twitter. you can also sync your doodles with your computer. Saving your drawing remotely on the SkyDrive allows you to be able to access it from your computer without any syncing and have it available anywhere. In the free version of the app, you can only save one image on the SkyDrive, uploading another will replace the old one, in the Pro version you can upload as many images as you want and they are all kept.

That’s it, I hope you enjoy my app and if you have any doubt or suggestion please contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.

The JotPad is the free version, you can download it here -> Download JotPad

The JotPad Pro is the paid version but has a free trial and can be obtained here -> Download JotPad Pro

This paid version will give you the ability of using the draw over live video feature, save as many images as you want in the SkyDrive and have the app ad free.

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