Nokia Drive 2.0, Reading, and Transport apps coming to Lumia range

By Tom Warren

Nokia is announcing two new Windows Phone apps and a Nokia Drive 2.0 update for its range of Lumia devices today at Mobile World Congress 2012. Nokia Drive 2.0 will be released on the Windows Phone Marketplace as a free update for existing Lumia devices and includes speed limit notifications, an advanced dashboard view, and offline capabilities. Windows Phone Nokia Drive users can now use the application offline, one of the biggest drawbacks to the original release, in the same way as existing Symbian users of Nokia Drive.

Nokia Reading, a brand new Windows Phone app for Lumia devices, will work as an integrated hub like the existing Nokia Music application. Reading will provide access to news, audiobooks, and ebooks in a digital magazine format, allowing users to simply add their own RSS feeds. Nokia has agreements with a number of online publications, and is planning to expand those in the future. Nokia plans to update the app with a news stream feature that allows Windows Phone users to pin news streams to the start screen with dynamic live tile updates.

The second new Windows Phone application today, Nokia Transport, is designed to help you with live public transport information and updates. Previously available on Symbian, the Windows Phone version adds support for journey pinning to the home screen and will support over 46 major cities worldwide at launch.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone survives MACH 5 wind tunnel test

We have seen the Nokia Lumia take a few knocks in the past, however it has been taken one stage further or should I say 5 stages further to MACH 5!! So check out the video below!!

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Windows Phone only smartphone OS immune to Webkit vulnerability

Another reason to love Windows Phone!!

by Seth Brodeur

Windows Phone unaffected by new malware

Security firm CrowdStrike has identified a vulnerability that could allow attackers to seize complete control over a smartphone. The hole could allow an attacker to gain access via Webkit-based browsers, which makes up the bulk of mobile web browsers. The good news for Windows Phone users is that they are in the clear because Microsoft designed Internet Explorer themselves, opting not to use the Webkit platform.

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Nokia Lumia 900 Pre-Order

Cant wait for this bad boy to arrive! Love my Lumia 800, but really miss the size of my HTC HD7, so I am off to pre-register, why don’t you too!

The Nokia Lumia 900 is a top of the range smartphone with a dazzling 4.3″ touchscreen, 8MP Carl Zeiss lens camera, huge battery and an iconic look. The vivid AMOLED display & Windows® Phone combine to make this a silky smooth phone to use.

4.3″ AMOLED touchscreen is vivid and ultra smooth

8MP camera, massive battery for extra long standby times

Powered by Windows® Phone 7.5

Touchscreen: 4.3″

Camera 8+ MP

Video Calling

Front-facing camera

Nokia Drive

Integrated Social Networking

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Top 100 Windows Phone 7 apps cheaper than on Android

Canalys recently posted some research showing that the top 100 apps on iOS cost only a fraction of the top 100 apps on Android.

WPDang added Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to the mix, and found while the average cost of the top 100 apps in iOS was 1.47, and the same on Android was 3.74, the same number on Windows Phone was in-between, at $3.10.

The data should help counter the argument that software is much more expensive on Windows Phone than Android, as that is clearly not the case.

As a small market it is understandable that prices would be higher than the 250 million odd device iOS market, but it is somewhat more difficult to explain why Android apps are so expensive. Suggestions by WPSauce include rampant piracy, which sounds pretty reasonable to us.

As the Windows Phone 7 market increases we expect the price of apps in Marketplace to decrease also, and tend towards the same level as iOS.


via Top 100 Windows Phone 7 apps cheaper than on Android | WMPoweruser.