Into Insiders

I was lucky enough to be one of the select few to join the ‘into insiders’ team and get to play around with the Nokia Lumia 800, so what is an insider?

Our influencers

We’ve handpicked a select group of key influencers in the fields of music, film, fashion, food and travel to capture inspiring content for the into community. Our into insiders’ are passionate people from the across the UK who are keen to share the world through their eyes, armed with the latest Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone. You can expect colourful reviews, vivid photos and captivating videos from our into insiders, helping you get closer to the things you love.

So I am hoping you feel the love I have for Windows Phone as an awesome platform and my pitch to get me in went a little something like this:

I would use my Windows Phone to organise my Wedding in 2012, using GROUPS to keep eveyone up to date and the camera to take great photos to SHARE instantly, however if my bride to be doesnt arrive I can use LOCAL SCOUT to find the nearest pub and drown my sorrows!

And now you have an idea as to my posts in a few months time using the Nokia Lumia 800! Hopefully I don’t have to use Local Scout on that day! But I will be taking it travelling to South Korea where me and my partner met and I will still be keeping the blog running using the super fast (1GB per second in your house!) internet in Korea, my Windows Phone and the app




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