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Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life – Engadget

Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life

By Zachary Lutz posted Mar 6th 2012 11:32PM

Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life

Earlier this week in Refresh Roundup, we wrote of a Vodafone-branded update for the Lumia 800 with a designation of 1600.2487.8107.12070. Among the enhancements, the new software version was said to provide longer battery life — a welcome improvement, no doubt — but we could’ve never guessed the significance of the gain. The folks at WPCentral recently forced the update onto their own phones and, get this, they assert the new software has nearly tripled(!) their battery life.  Continue reading via Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life – Engadget.


Nokia Drive 2.0, Reading, and Transport apps coming to Lumia range

By Tom Warren

Nokia is announcing two new Windows Phone apps and a Nokia Drive 2.0 update for its range of Lumia devices today at Mobile World Congress 2012. Nokia Drive 2.0 will be released on the Windows Phone Marketplace as a free update for existing Lumia devices and includes speed limit notifications, an advanced dashboard view, and offline capabilities. Windows Phone Nokia Drive users can now use the application offline, one of the biggest drawbacks to the original release, in the same way as existing Symbian users of Nokia Drive.

Nokia Reading, a brand new Windows Phone app for Lumia devices, will work as an integrated hub like the existing Nokia Music application. Reading will provide access to news, audiobooks, and ebooks in a digital magazine format, allowing users to simply add their own RSS feeds. Nokia has agreements with a number of online publications, and is planning to expand those in the future. Nokia plans to update the app with a news stream feature that allows Windows Phone users to pin news streams to the start screen with dynamic live tile updates.

The second new Windows Phone application today, Nokia Transport, is designed to help you with live public transport information and updates. Previously available on Symbian, the Windows Phone version adds support for journey pinning to the home screen and will support over 46 major cities worldwide at launch.

via Nokia Drive 2.0, Reading, and Transport apps coming to Lumia range | The Verge.

Microsoft in talks with record companies for new music service?

I already am a huge fan of Spotify on my WP7 but it would be great to see a similar service integrated into my Nokia Lumia 800! So I hope this rumor becomes a reality before I have to upgrade my Spotify account!

With the outlook on Zune (as a service) being fairly bleak, it’s somewhat positive to hear rumours of Microsoft engaging with the record labels regarding a potential new music service – or an upgrade to the existing. While the Zune Pass service as a whole is pretty feature rich with download and offline playback functionality, it hasn’t been actively adopted as the software giant had hoped, which is largely due to the company not pushing the service out hard enough and market competition………..

Read more via Microsoft in talks with record companies for new music service? | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews.


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Developers: Use SkyDrive to Backup App Data

After moving from my HTC HD7 to the Nokia Lumia 800 I had to start my Angry Birds 3 star ‘cheevo mission all over again! So I get a bit more out of the game but some of those levels are darn tough! I would love to give over a bit of Skydrive to have my apps all be backed up! If I switch phones (Lumia 900 hopefully in the future!) or have a mega fail, well a few clicks some username/passwords and I can be back up and running straight away. So please if you are a developer please enable this feature……..

Developers: Use SkyDrive to Backup App Data

February 18, 2012 | By andrewbares

One of the issues with Windows Phone is that you lose all your apps’ data when you upgrade to a new phone. However, developers can fix this by quickly implementing a backup/restore system via SkyDrive.

I realized that Windows Phone apps needed a backup solution, and so I added a simple SkyDrive backup system to my homework planner app, Power Planner. If you’re a developer, read the tutorial below to learn how to add the same system to your app!

Live Connect Account

First, you’ll have to setup a SkyDrive API account if you don’t have one. Go to the Live Connect site and login. It should prompt you to add your app’s details. Fill in your app name and language and click I Accept. Then go to the Application Settings Page, open the API Settings, and change the Mobile client app option to YES. Copy your Client ID number because you’ll need it later!

Read more via Developers: Use SkyDrive to Backup App Data | WMPoweruser.

Bing Vision – Now Live in the UK

An amazing feature that was only fully useable stateside is now here in the UK the Bing Vision feature, which allows your Windows Phone 7 handset to search for things using the camera. Point the camera at visual codes (bar, QR, etc.) and it will be recognized along with book, movie, and album covers — the results just pop up. The OS can even identify and translate text in real-time, something you can see toward the end of the video below. Naturally, though, all of this relies on an active data connection.

This is a massive feather in Microsofts cap and remember this ready to use out of the box no app/apps to buy another reason to choose WP7!

My Nokia Lumia 800 is rockin it right now and I know will be something I will use all the time on my travels!

via Windows Phone Mango and Bing Vision hands-on — Engadget.

Bing Vision Demo