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Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life – Engadget

Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life

By Zachary Lutz posted Mar 6th 2012 11:32PM

Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life

Earlier this week in Refresh Roundup, we wrote of a Vodafone-branded update for the Lumia 800 with a designation of 1600.2487.8107.12070. Among the enhancements, the new software version was said to provide longer battery life — a welcome improvement, no doubt — but we could’ve never guessed the significance of the gain. The folks at WPCentral recently forced the update onto their own phones and, get this, they assert the new software has nearly tripled(!) their battery life.  Continue reading via Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life – Engadget.


Windows Phone only smartphone OS immune to Webkit vulnerability

Another reason to love Windows Phone!!

by Seth Brodeur

Windows Phone unaffected by new malware

Security firm CrowdStrike has identified a vulnerability that could allow attackers to seize complete control over a smartphone. The hole could allow an attacker to gain access via Webkit-based browsers, which makes up the bulk of mobile web browsers. The good news for Windows Phone users is that they are in the clear because Microsoft designed Internet Explorer themselves, opting not to use the Webkit platform.

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No Joke: With Lumia, Nokia Crushes The iPhone

No Joke: With Lumia, Nokia Crushes The iPhone

Written by: Gadi Amit

In both physical and UI design, the struggling Finnish manufacturer delivers a solid rival to the reigning smartphone.

After attending CES earlier in the month, I felt something major had happened: The iPhone had finally met its rivals in the form of Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 900, equipped with Windows 7’s Metro UI.

Let me be clear, Nokia’s phones are better than Apple’s, both in terms of physical and digital design. Supple, amiable, vibrant, and durable, the Lumia 800 and the slightly larger 900 are the new kings of smartphone design. The body has an original signature corner that combines two forms: the vertical tubular main form meets a rounded window for the screen. It’s a fresh look at a detail many mobile phone designers tackled before. The Apple halo effect forced many design teams toward the familiar solution: a two-dimensional rounded form surrounding a screen. Nokia was brave enough to forge its own path to arriving at highly effective way of differentiating the Lumia from the rest of the pack.

Editor’s Note

Does this great UI signal that Microsoft is back on the rise? Maybe not. They have trouble translating design hits into an overarching company ethos, as this startling admission shows.

The mono-block plastic body is light yet solid as a rock, and the satin finish feels great in the hand. It isn’t trying to be a jewel; it is a tool for modern, mobile living. It even has a normal USB port concealed under a color-matched door! Speaking of colors, by using vibrant cyan, light magenta, and lime, Nokia has created a youthful, Millennial-type feel–positive, dynamic, and cool without being pretentious. The phone also includes an amazingly cute earpiece that pops put of its pebble-shaped charging base and a wireless speaker made from solid aluminum with a fabric top.

Click on to read more: via No Joke: With Lumia, Nokia Crushes The iPhone | Co.Design: business + innovation + design.

How to: Reset the Nokia Lumia 800

I had a problem with getting my Nokia to reset the other day and came across this great guide, so if you think your Nokia has died, maybe it just needs a reset so….

How to: Reset the Nokia Lumia 800

So you saw all the hubbub during launch day and decided to buy Nokia’s new Windows Phone device, the Lumia 800. Every so often, every phone needs a good battery pull now and then. Or something more sinister comes up and you need to factory reset the device.

Can’t work out how to do either when the phone won’t load up? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to reset the Lumia 800:

Soft Reset

How to: Reset the Nokia Lumia 800 | UK Mobile ReviewSoft Resets are sometimes also known as battery pulls, where pulling the battery out of a phone and replacing it can fix some minor issues with your phone.

Unfortunately with Nokia’s latest devices, the polycarbonate unibody shell means you can’t pull the battery out.

Here’s what to do instead:

As per the image, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons down until the phone vibrates three times. The phone should successfully restart with the Nokia logo after a few seconds.

Hard Reset

Sometimes a battery pull just won’t fix the problem. In these cases, it’s time to do a hard reset on the phone. Warning: All data will be lost from the phone when performing a hard reset.

How to: Reset the Nokia Lumia 800 | UK Mobile Review

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Waterproof Your Handset

Hate cases but want to protect your gorgeous Windows Phone 7?
We all know how tough the Nokia Lumia 800 is just go see this video, but add this great waterproofing and you have a full Royal armoured Guard looking after the King of Smartphones! Saw this great tech a while back but I just had to blog about it.


Waterproof your Phone!

Liquipel is a revolutionary process that applies a waterproof coating to your electronic devices to protect them in the event of accidental exposure to liquids. It is not visible to the human eye, virtually undetectable and Liquipel will not compromise the look, feel, and performance of your electronics.

Liquipel penetrates the entire device as a whole, including all of the vital components inside and out to provide optimal protection against accidental contact with liquids.

Liquipel is a southern California based company that has specialized in researching and developing innovative coatings for the past five years. It was through an incredible demand for water resistant electronics and a revolutionary new technology that Liquipel was born.

With countless painstaking hours of research and development the Liquipel team of scientist created and perfected our proprietary process. Through our struggles and with unbelievable advancement in this area Liquipel is proud to be the first company in the world to offer this technology to consumers.