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St. Patrick’s Photo Booth for Windows Phone 7

Feeling lucky? From the people that brought you the North Pole Photo Booth comes a St. Patrick’s Day celebration like no other. The St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth lets you create fun photos to share with your friends and family in a festive Irish theme. Read More via St. Patrick’s Photo Booth for Windows Phone 7 Now Available | WMPoweruser.


Nokia Drive 2.0, Reading, and Transport apps coming to Lumia range

By Tom Warren

Nokia is announcing two new Windows Phone apps and a Nokia Drive 2.0 update for its range of Lumia devices today at Mobile World Congress 2012. Nokia Drive 2.0 will be released on the Windows Phone Marketplace as a free update for existing Lumia devices and includes speed limit notifications, an advanced dashboard view, and offline capabilities. Windows Phone Nokia Drive users can now use the application offline, one of the biggest drawbacks to the original release, in the same way as existing Symbian users of Nokia Drive.

Nokia Reading, a brand new Windows Phone app for Lumia devices, will work as an integrated hub like the existing Nokia Music application. Reading will provide access to news, audiobooks, and ebooks in a digital magazine format, allowing users to simply add their own RSS feeds. Nokia has agreements with a number of online publications, and is planning to expand those in the future. Nokia plans to update the app with a news stream feature that allows Windows Phone users to pin news streams to the start screen with dynamic live tile updates.

The second new Windows Phone application today, Nokia Transport, is designed to help you with live public transport information and updates. Previously available on Symbian, the Windows Phone version adds support for journey pinning to the home screen and will support over 46 major cities worldwide at launch.

via Nokia Drive 2.0, Reading, and Transport apps coming to Lumia range | The Verge.

Top 100 Windows Phone 7 apps cheaper than on Android

Canalys recently posted some research showing that the top 100 apps on iOS cost only a fraction of the top 100 apps on Android.

WPDang added Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to the mix, and found while the average cost of the top 100 apps in iOS was 1.47, and the same on Android was 3.74, the same number on Windows Phone was in-between, at $3.10.

The data should help counter the argument that software is much more expensive on Windows Phone than Android, as that is clearly not the case.

As a small market it is understandable that prices would be higher than the 250 million odd device iOS market, but it is somewhat more difficult to explain why Android apps are so expensive. Suggestions by WPSauce include rampant piracy, which sounds pretty reasonable to us.

As the Windows Phone 7 market increases we expect the price of apps in Marketplace to decrease also, and tend towards the same level as iOS.


via Top 100 Windows Phone 7 apps cheaper than on Android | WMPoweruser.

Developers: Use SkyDrive to Backup App Data

After moving from my HTC HD7 to the Nokia Lumia 800 I had to start my Angry Birds 3 star ‘cheevo mission all over again! So I get a bit more out of the game but some of those levels are darn tough! I would love to give over a bit of Skydrive to have my apps all be backed up! If I switch phones (Lumia 900 hopefully in the future!) or have a mega fail, well a few clicks some username/passwords and I can be back up and running straight away. So please if you are a developer please enable this feature……..

Developers: Use SkyDrive to Backup App Data

February 18, 2012 | By andrewbares

One of the issues with Windows Phone is that you lose all your apps’ data when you upgrade to a new phone. However, developers can fix this by quickly implementing a backup/restore system via SkyDrive.

I realized that Windows Phone apps needed a backup solution, and so I added a simple SkyDrive backup system to my homework planner app, Power Planner. If you’re a developer, read the tutorial below to learn how to add the same system to your app!

Live Connect Account

First, you’ll have to setup a SkyDrive API account if you don’t have one. Go to the Live Connect site and login. It should prompt you to add your app’s details. Fill in your app name and language and click I Accept. Then go to the Application Settings Page, open the API Settings, and change the Mobile client app option to YES. Copy your Client ID number because you’ll need it later!

Read more via Developers: Use SkyDrive to Backup App Data | WMPoweruser.

Free App for 36 Hours – Nextgen Reader – A Google Reader Client for windows phone

Nextgen Reader is one of my favourite apps and is always on my homescreen! So if you are a Google Reader fan this is the app to have (trust me, i have tried every one of them in the Marketplace at some point or another!)

Plus for the next 36 hours  Nextsoft and WP Central are running a great promo to get the full version for free!!
Head to and follow the instructions

Clean, beautiful & simple design, inspired from Windows Phone Outlook application. Nextgen Reader is the fastest Google Reader client for windows phone with powerful features:

Free trial with no ads/limitations.

Support for multiple live tiles.

Full offline mode with image caching.

Select multiple items just like email app.

Share to Facebook, Twitter & Windows Live.

Read full or mobilized articles easily.

Send to InstaPaper, Read It Later.

Support for YouTube videos.

And many more.

Web MarketPlace

Nextgen Reader

Main Features


Clean, beautiful & simple design just like Windows Phone Metro UI.


Pin your favorite feeds/folders to home screen and see unread count & recent articles on the glance.


Post article on Twitter, Facebook & Windows Live or send to InstaPaper & Read It Later.


Offline mode, Completely secure (uses https), YouTube support, Url shortner & custom themes.

via Nextgen Reader – A Google Reader Client for windows phone.