About Me

Well I thought it was about time I updated this part of my blog as I now approach 35 posts and 1000 page views in the first month of starting this blog.

I started this blog after being lucky enough to be chosen as an into insider via a competition on Facebook and given a very sexy Nokia Lumia 800 to play with. I had a HTC HD7 (which looks like it might be going to my soon to be wife) so I already loved the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) interface and awesome social features, every ‘i’device owner is always in awe as to how smooth and integrated WP7 is.

I have always had a huge passion for technology and showing other people how to use it to make their lives better, easier and more amazing.

So this website is going to be geared towards apps that I have found and loved, any great freebies that I happen to find and news about any upcoming WP7 devices to look out for, but most of all to tell you about the experience I am having with my Nokia Lumia 800.

I am not linked to Microsoft in any way so I will always give you straight up opinions, so please if you have any questions drop me a message, even if it is to say you found something useful on the site! I do this just for the love of the phone and keeping people in the know with all things Nokia, Microsoft and Windows Phone!

Aside from tech the other passions in my life are my Fiancee and soon to be Wife (April 2012) Tracey, McClane (My badass cat), Coffee (thinking of starting a blog there too), Travel (was on the road for 5 years, so if you need some pointers please let me know) and a bit of XBOX (Batman Arkham City/Asylum are the most perfect games ever made!)

Until my next post! Take it easy and Keep it cheesy!


One response to “About Me”

  1. Thomas says :

    Great blog! I got my Lumia 800 a couple of days ago and I think you provide good news and tips. Keep rollin!
    TH, Norway

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