Nearly there!

My Lumia update is nearly done!



4 responses to “Nearly there!”

  1. Tom Rowlands says :

    Mine has just completed the update too. Only time will tell if the battery is any better. Can you confirm the basics of the update? Other than battery there is nothing else I know.

    • craigmwalsh says :

      Mainly battery and some small interface tweeks, sound (bass) has been improved massively. My Nokia Purity Monster headphones sound amazing now!! Time will tell on the battery front, will see how the next few days go.

  2. Tom Rowlands says :

    Many thanks Craig. Having had both an iPhone and a few Android phones (and being a iMac user) I have been bowled over by this phone. Ease of use, clear and never fails or crashes unlike the Android!

    Brilliant phone hopefully made better.

  3. rane says :

    Aikamoista hehkutusta, tämäkin site tuntuu joltain fanboy siteltä. Jossain oli aikaa sitten sanottu että päivitys tuo joku 80mAH lisätehoja, ja jossain hehkutetaan 3x akunkestoa.

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