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Try out the interface on your iPhone and android phones and see what all the fuss is about!

One of the great things about all Windows 7 phones is the ‘Metro’ interface, it is clean, simple, fast and easy to navigate. Reading about it will never give it the justice it deserves, so I am sharing some background info and a way to experience the interface on whatever device you have and also link to the future, with ways of seeing what your PC/Laptop will look like when Windows 8 launches this year!


Microsoft’s basic description of Metro.

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of flat, colored live tiles and a laterally scrolling canvas as used in Windows Phone and Xbox 360 Dashboard.

The Metro design language was designed specifically to consolidate groups of common tasks to speed up usage. This is accomplished by excluding superfluous graphics and instead relying on the actual content to also function as the main UI. The resulting interfaces favour larger hubs over smaller buttons and often feature laterally scrolling canvases. Page titles are usually large and consequently also take advantage of lateral scrolling.

Animation plays a large part, with transitions, and user interactions such as presses or swipes recommended to always be acknowledged by some form of natural animation or motion. This is intended to give the user the impression that the UI is “alive” and responsive, with “an added sense of depth.”

Internally, Microsoft has compiled a list of principles as core to the Metro design language.

via Metro (design language) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Windows Phone Metro Demo

If you’re using an Android or iPhone device you might also like to get an idea of how Windows Phone works or at least sample Metro in mobile form. This can be done by visiting this page on your phone’s browser, where you will find a virtualised mobile phone version of the Metro UI as found on various devices from Samsung, LG, HTC and Nokia.

All you need to do to interact is tap the tiles with your thumb or fingers, swiping left and right to explore what’s on offer.

via Sample Metro On Your Windows PC Before Upgrading To Windows 8 | MakeUseOf.


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