Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon

I was a massive user of Skype when I lived overseas, so I am really looking forward to this appearing. Hopefully it does so before my honeymoon as I know I will need this while I am over there!

via Microsoft: Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon | The Verge.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Skype app appears to be nearing release. Skype’s VP of products, Rick Osterloh, revealed that Microsoft’s Skype division is “working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon,” during an interview at CES 2012. Microsoft has typically refused to comment in detail on its Skype plans, after the company acquired the voice and video calling service in October.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, Director of the Windows Phone program, originally promised that Skype would arrive on Windows Phone in late 2011, a date that has passed without comment or clarification from the company. We understand, from our own sources, that the initial release of Skype will not feature deep Windows Phone integration, and that Microsoft is planning this for “Apollo” and beyond. Microsoft’s first Windows Phone Skype application will largely be seen as an interim release until Windows Phone “Apollo” is made available, expected later this year. Microsoft demonstrated the Skype application at MIX 2011, and the app is believed to look and feel very similar to what was originally shown.

There’s no exact timing from Microsoft, but with Mobile World Congress in February and the promise of “soon”, we can’t help but feel that Skype for Windows Phone might just launch in Barcelona next month.

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Via The Verge Forums

Source YouTube (Microsoft)

via Microsoft: Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon | The Verge.


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