So you have read the tech reviews…

There are tons of ‘tech’ reviews covering the Nokia Lumia 800, but what about one from a regular ‘Joe’?

Well this guy has gone and done a great write up, so if you want to get some straight up info while you wait on me crafting mine the go check out his blog!

My contract was up and I had whittled it down to an iPhone 4S or the Lumia.  I had excluded Android because the good handsets seemed to be the size of a paperback book, and had a status bar full of icons, a control panel full of controls and I felt a lot of the hardware felt very cheap.  It reminded me a lot of Windows Mobile before Windows Phone 7.  I was drawn to the iPhone because I knew they were great phones, and Siri seemed “kind of cool”.  And to the Nokia because it was Nokia, and also I have a slight gamblers streak that thinks “an unproven phone released a few days before my contract is up on an unproven platform… sounds like a winner!”

Source: j0ejack


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